Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reflections (Day 2-3) - Eunice

I chose this project because it caught my interest first when the list of projects were announced in school. I think it is because the chances of us using Photoshop is very high, and I have always wanted to learn it.

The challenges I have faced so far are more or less catching up with the Professor. Although I had not much problem with his accent, I am not very ‘eloquent’ at using the stylus, and I could not locate where the different functions are. Now that I am more familiar with the software, I can create my own works independently.

Through this project, I have learned more about the software, as well as how it developed from something small to a software so big that even a DVD can’t store it.

I have benefited from this program by learning more about the software, mainly the technicalities, such as how to achieve some features using Photoshop.

I aspire to create better pictures using Photoshop, just like the Professor.

3 things I learnt:
-How layers would reduce the amount of limitations you have regarding the limits as to what you can do to the picture without destroying it
-How to unify different photos using Photoshop functions
-How to make the photo more realistic using shadows and lighting

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