Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 3 reflections - Naveena

I chose this project because it sounded fun and interesting. I had never used photoshop before this, but i have heard a lot about it. It was an opportunity to try something new and was also an opportunity to explore an area of interest and so I thought it would be a good experience trying it out.

Some challenges I encountered were using photoshop as well as the tablet. I’ve never used photoshop nor a tablet before so it was a completely new experience for me and so it had sometimes been difficult to achieve the effect i wanted to achieve with the pictures because of the limited knowledge i had of both photoshop and using the tablet. The phrase "practice makes perfect" fits very well with this situation as the more times you work with photoshop, the more experience and knowledge you have and the more familiar you become with the software.

Through this project, I discovered that photoshopping images is not as easy as the professor makes it look but instead takes patience and skill. I have also discovered how useful photoshop can be for example, it can be used to make really nice designs and patterns and can also turn someone into a completely different person. But this also has its drawbacks as such edited pictures can be used to fool others.

As an individual, I have benefitted from this project as I have learnt how to use photoshop to an extent from someone with a lot of experience using it. I have also had the chance to use a tablet to design and draw, a really enjoyable experience.

I aspire to someday own a copy of adobe photoshop as well as a tablet so that I can practice and become better at drawing/ designing. 

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