Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 Reflections - Norul

(A) My key learning points from each session...

1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean
From this session, I have learnt that clean water must not be taken for granted, because in other parts of the world, people who are not as fortunate are consuming and using 'dirty' water. Water becomes dirty when it is contaminated by pollutants from the environment. Dirty water contains microbes and bacteria, which may cause humans who come into contact with it to be seriously ill through waterborne diseases. Millions of deaths each year can be prevented if only the water was clean. That is why it is important for us to know the importance of dirty and clean water; when we pollute the water, we are not only harming other organisms in the environment, but ourselves too.

2. Revolutions of Microelectronics Technology
9 O's:

  1. biO
  2. radiO
  3. autO
  4. infO
  5. nanO
  6. water = hydro = H2O
  7. audiO
  8. videO
  9. energy = m.c^2 = m.c^twO
The 9 O's spell out B.R.A.I.N.W.A.V.E.

3. Biomedical Engineering & Technology 
From this session, I learnt that there are many uses of nano-technology. 

4. IT for Animation
From this session, I learnt about different types of animations, how they are made, and how Mathematics is applied in the making of animations. An animation is an optical illusion of motion created by consecutive display of 2 or more static images. There are mainly three types of animations: stop-motion, 2D, and 3D. All of them require labour and hard work to complete. Mathematics is used in the making of animations. Some aspects of Mathematics which are used are geometry, calculus and laws of Physics. 

5. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think 
From this session, I learnt about what a geodesist does, how sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere when a glacier melts, and how much the sea-level rises per year on average. A geodesist is someone who measures the shape and area of the earth. The sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere because regions further from where the glacier melts would have higher sea-level rise than those nearer to the glacier. The sea level rises 3mm/year on average.

(B) Deepest impression...
The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is session number one, Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean. What I like about it is the way the lecturer presented on the topic.

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