Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reflections: Day 1~Mirza

1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean...

This lesson taught me how important water is in our daily lives and also, that theres a very interesting job out there... So, I learnt that we all have to play our part to save water and also to keep them clean. Like singapore, I thought at first that it was a country that had always clean water because of the NEWater plants and the reservoir but now, i realized that there are also a lot of impurities in the water at some parts of the place.

2. Revolution of Microelectronics Technology

I learnt that Microelectronics had always helped us in many ways and it will do great in the future to hep others too. So i now know that microelectronics had always been helping us to improve our lives and do things in different ways.

3.Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-technology

This lesson taught me a lot of things that was done with nano technology, the amazing things from helping in surgery to camouflaging the soldiers in the army. This definitely boost my interest in Nano-Technology and i would really like to learn more about this.

4. IT for Animation

This was a very interesting lesson as it taught me that even though to create an animation will take a lot of time and also be very tiring but, in the end the final product will always pay off the hard work especially the fact that there have to be a lot of frames and slow changes for a smooth animation.

5.Disappearing Glaciers, Rising sea levels, and why gravity is more important than you think.

This was a very cool talk and i was shocked to find out that there was a such job called Geodesist. I also learnt that the sea levels are no the same and not even at different parts of the world.

(B)Deepest Impression

The lesson that left a great impression on me is the one that was about the Importance of water. I was quite surprised with the fact that there was going to be a talk about Water and the importance of it. I was prepared to listen to a talk that would probably have the same contents as what i already know. But i was wrong, this talk was very different from what i have heard. There was so many things to learn from this talk and also, the speaker engaged the audience and delivered what he wanted to perfectly.

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