Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 and 3 - My Reflection - Serene

Day 2

Today, I learnt how to use photoshop to manipulate our pictures. I learnt several new functions:

  1. Layering. Layering is how to have different images to be combined to a single image. It may consist of many colours.
  2. Masking. Masking is colouring/ erasing part of the image while still leaving the original image intact.
  3. Colour Blending. Colour Blending is to merge two images to create make it seem as if they came from the same photo.
  4. Shadowing and Lighting. Shadowing and Lighting is used to make certain parts of the image lighter or darker to create an illusion of a contour
Day 3

I choose this project because I find that it is very interesting and unique. This project exposes me to a new area of art that I have not tried before. I thought that it would be able to teach me new skills that I will not usually be exposed to in school. Also, we know that there would be an experienced professor teaching this project. Hence, he can teach us many high level techniques to edit an image which many other courses cannot.

Some challenges I encountered when working on this project in the last 2 days are having to remember how to use the tools in photoshop. There were many tools and I had to be very careful which layer I was colouring on. There were a number of times whereby I accidentally coloured the wrong image or used the wrong tool. I had to redo some of the images and this wasted time. I overcame these challenges by making sure of where and what I was colouring before I would start. I would double check everything before I started to do anything and also asked questions when I was unsure.

Through this project, I discovered that photoshop is a very interesting tool. There are many tools available to edit an image. The end product of the image edited can be unrecognisable but brilliant at the same time. I also discovered that it is not easy to create a good image. There are many factors to a single image to make it look very nice.

As an individual, I have benefitted from this programme by being able to be exposed to a new area of art. It was the first time I used photoshop even though I have seen images edited in photoshop and heard of what photoshop was capable of. I learnt many skills and different tools in photoshop although I am still not very fluent and may make mistakes here and there. However, I find that I have gained new knowledge on how to edit images instead of simply taking a photograph.

I hope that I will be able to use photoshop sometime soon again as it is a very useful and interesting tool. I have only barely started to discover some of the tools that photoshop provides. There are still many things to learn in photoshop which I hope I will be given the opportunity to learn. I hope that I will be able to improve my skills in photoshop so that I will be able to edit images to make them look fantastic.

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