Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 3 Reflection - Pasakorn

For this reflection, I will reflect upon the project and its journey as a whole.

My main reason for choosing this project was mainly because of the artistic element, not found in any other project. I prefer my work to be limitless, and a project like turning myself into something completely different is an interesting prospect. The way a canvas can be filled with so many colours and messages is just intriguing.

The project mainly involved us, as individuals, editing one photo to its fullest potential. Therefore, everybody had a role to play for the perfect photo.

I would not really say the project was much of a challenge, because (again) of the artistic element in the project. But then again, Photoshop is a really complicated tool which, without proper guidance, could be confusing. Thank you, Professor!

Throughout the course of the project, I discovered that art is very subjective. Definitely. A zombie could mean 'cool' to one, and 'yuck' to another. All the things that we have learnt opens up a million and one possibilities, and these possibilities can only be explored through the opportunities Artists are given. Without a project to work on, an Artist can only do something vague and unreal, and the piece would never be perfected.

As an individual, I really liked learning about how visual arts and graphics make a real difference. To make it look nice, a lot of work must be placed. To make it look real, even more work must be placed. To make it 'perfect' (if there is such a thing), one must put his heart and soul into the work. The project really opened up opportunities for me, as I discover visual arts in a way I had never before.

Not really related to the project, but I find the animations shown to us by the NTU students very interesting. To create it frame by frame into a 5-minute animation would really require a lot of work. Nonetheless, I find the challenging prospect intriguing. Although I would personally prefer filming to animating (requires a lot less work), I wouldn't mind doing something to please the masses.

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