Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 3 Reflection - Roy Chua

I chose this project as I am interested in digital painting and wished to be able to develop my ability and judgement to use the right colours as well as improve my skills of photo-editing.

My role in the group is to learn how to and finally photoshop an image of myself into anything of my choice.

Challenges i encountered when working on this project in the last 2 days are being able to photoshop the image properly and add enough detail to the image, but not too much. I overcame these challenges by heeding the advice of Prof. Martin and editing the image to improve the quality of the image.

Through this project, I discovered the many possibilities of Photoshop and how it can be used by many different people to do work in many different areas of speciality.

As an individual, I have benefited from this programme by being able to utilise Photoshop more than before and make use of more functions like blend modes.

My Aspirations are to be able to own a copy of Photoshop myself and be able to continue photoshopping images and hopefully be able to improve my skills and knowledge of the program.

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