Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Personal Reflection-Day 2-3 By Soe Yan Naung @ Norman

My Personal Reflection-Day 2-3

I choose this project because I wanted to learn how to paint digitally and have a new experience that is rare to come. It is also because of my interest in the subject that I decide to choose this project over the others.

Challenges I encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days .was with the many confusing functions of Photoshop mainly as there are so many and things become confusing at times and I overcame these challenges by just fiddling around with the application and getting used to it and also listening closely to the teacher, ”Dr. Martin Constable” .

Through this project, I discovered that the tool can be a very fun thing and the techniques such layering, lighting scenes, shadowing scenes and using your imagination to make the image that you want by taking things that are totally unrelated and redesigning them to suit your needs.

As an individual, I have benefited from this program by learning to have great patience and also how to use other things in ways to suit your needs by manipulating them.

My Aspiration is to be able to use the PhotoShop tool easily like Dr. Martin and produce very good quality pictures while having fun.

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