Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2&3 Reflections - Yi Lin

1. I choose this project because I think it would be fun to learn about digital painting and how to use the photoshop application. I can also use the skills I've learnt in the future if I want to edit any other photos.

2. My role in the group: A member

3. I have encountered some challenges while working on this project like which tools to use, which layer to work on etc. I overcome these by clarifying with people sitting beside me and also paying more attention while the professor is explaining.

4. Through this project, I have discovered that editing pictures is not as easy as I have thought. It requires a lot of work to finish editing one picture.

5. As an individual, I have learnt how to use a new application and I can apply the skills for other future uses.

6. My aspiration is to be able to master how to use photoshop as what I have learnt is only one part of it.

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