Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 Plenary Sessions Reflections - Mikhael Tyebally

Plenary Session 1: 'Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean'

From this plenary session, I have learnt the importance of water and the many kinds of bacteria that could be in it depending on the level of exposure to animals. I have also learnt about Singapore itself is a water catchment, due to its limited land space.

Plenary Session 2: 'Revolution of Microelectronics Technology'

I have learnt from this plenary session that a lot of equipment today depends on microchips to work as they are like the brain of the equipment. Microchips are advancing, becoming smaller and smaller each year and more efficient.

Plenary Session 3: 'Biomedical engineering and Technology'

This plenary session has taught me the different kinds of Biomedical technologies and their uses. The three main branches in the field which are Nano-technology, Bio-technology and Defense-technology.

Plenary Session 4: 'IT for Animation'

From this, I have learnt about animation and ome of the software that can be used to help animate automatically, and the number of frames per second needed to make an animation, 24.

Plenary Session 5: 'Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is more important than you think'.

I learnt a new job from this session, Geodesist. A geodesist is a person who studies the the shape and size of the earth, its gravity field and things that have changed over time.

The deepest impression...
The fifth plenary session had the deepest impression on me. The presentation gave me good information about the earth and some facts about the different gravitational strengths at different parts of the earth.

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