Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1,2,3 reflections - Pei Shan

(A) My key learning points from each session

Plenary Session 1
I have learnt that water is very important to our lives. The water industry has yet to come up with a solution for water problems. Water pollution has also caused water to be very dirty. The Singapore river was an example of dirty waste water. Why should pollution bother us? Smell, infectious diseases, Chronic Health risk, environmental degration. 1.1 billion people have no access to drinking water resources. 2.4 billion people have no adequate sanitation facilities and 3.4 million people die year from water based disasters.

Key enablers = water + energy
Irony = economic development can compromise water resources
Need = Increasing need to protect water resources as economies develop
Protection = appropriate management of waste waters and waste
The speaker was also very fun and engaging, cracking up jokes once in a while.

Plenary session 2

The chip is very important to electronics as it is the thing that makes it work.
The next big thing would be integrated circuits.
the 9 o's
Bio Radio Auto Info Nano Water = Hydro = H2o Audio Video Energy = m.c^2 = m.c ^two
The initials is BRAINWAVE

Electronics is scaling down, and Biology is scaling up. This adds to Bionanoelectronics.
Asia would be the main focus of the electronic industry.

Plenary session 3

Nano technology makes an item stronger but smaller.

Plenary session 4

Stop Motion
-Story Telling
Script -> storyboard -> character design -> sound -> reference frame drawing -> intermediate frame drawing -> printing -> composition and shooting -> final print

-Linear algebra
-laws of physics

Motion capture
Image processing & computer vision

Computer Games
-animation networking

Everybody can be an inventor
- identify and analyse the problem

Take the first step, start something big, keep it simple and perfect it later.

Plenary session 5
*Sea level rise will not be the same everywhere
Self attraction and loading
One reason why sea level rises is because of the increasing temperature due to climate change.

Geodists measure the shape and size of earth, its gravity field, and how these things change overtime.

With space-based technologies, we can now measure these things in great detail.

(B) Deepest impression

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is Plenary session 4 - IT for animation. What I like about it is how 2d animation is done. A video of the process was played and it seems tedious but fun and cool. The equipments are pretty interesting. I have an interest in this area so I find the talk pretty interesting. I hope to be able to experience creating a animation.

Day 2 & 3 reflections

Why have I chosen this project?
I like graphic designing and I was interested in using photoshop before the camp, I was delighted to see that there was such a project and hence decided to join it.

Challenges I have faced
I found it difficult to follow everything Professor Martin explained to us. I tend to forget what he said. I also destroy my painting a lot of times as i could only undo once. I really hope photoshop would allow us to undo more than once. I found that pretty irritating. It was also hard to make my skin tone the same as the person's in the picture. Which made my work look fake. However, thanks to Professor Martin, it was fixed and didn't look as fake.

As an individual, how have I benefitted from this programme?
I learnt how to use photoshop and many of its functions. I was also able to use a good tablet to draw. I could express my creativity.

My aspirations
I aspire to own a complete set of adobe applications like flash and photoshop. I also hope that I can own a good tablet for me to draw. I would like to work in this area (animation or anything that includes drawing graphically) in the future.

After :
Done By Tay Pei Shan

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