Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reflections - Day 1, Yu Xiang

Plenary Session 1: 'Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean'
My key learning points from this session is, water is crucial for survival, and is a wide market with lots of potential customers. I have also learnt that Singapore, the whole island by itself is actually a water catchment! Due to our limited land-spaces, the government has actually built water catchments in various parts of Singapore! I have also learnt that the various water-borne diseases will definitely be an origination of every living organism! A classic example would be the current epidemic, the E. Coli outbreak, and E. Coli bacteria can be found in animal faeces.

Plenary Session 2: 'Revolution of Microelectronics Technology'
From this plenary session, I have learnt that not only are the pay for working in this industry high, the value of such technology high, but also the worth of the Microelectronics.

Plenary Session 3: 'Biomedical engineering and Technology' 
I have learnt about the 9 'Os' from this plenary session, which are basically the various industries where biomedical engineering and technology are applied. A few examples would be Energy (E = MCsquared) and Auto. Therefore, this also means that biomedical engineering and technology are also applied to almost every product in the market. 

Plenary Session 4: 'IT for Animation'
From this session, I have learnt that the eye, in order for it to register a smooth animation, the video must be playing a minimum of 24 frames per second. 

Plenary Session 5: 'Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is more important than you think'.
From this session, I have learnt that sea-level rises are different all over different parts of the world. And this is largely due to the weight of the glaciers on the land. The mass actually weighs the land down, resulting in water being attracted towards the land. This also means that the water level will decrease towards the sea. 

The deepest impression...
The deepest impression left on me, was actually from Plenary Session 5. I had not previously known the knowledge derived before, making it interesting for me. It was also an interesting fact about our world. The main point that the educator wanted us to learn was that 'Sea-level rise will not be the same everywhere', as quoted from her presentation. I had learned that due to the effects of mass and gravity, had the sea-level rise been unstable. 

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