Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 Reflection - Pasakorn

Today has been a wonderful day of learning. Especially when one can experiment on his own free will for the entire duration of 5 hours. Photoshop.

The section below will state and explain the 3 different learning points I have gained for today.

1. Layers make all the difference.

Photoshop's main function, Layers, makes it one of the most useful photo editing tools around. With Layers, artists are able to edit the photo, and un-edit it at the click of a button. With Layers, you are able to add a multitude of colours. With Layers, you can easily delete specific components of the photos. All these are important to an artist. Go Photoshop!

2. Troubleshooting is easy, if you know what you are looking for.

As our professor mentioned, troubleshooting for problems in Photoshop can be a bit of a hassle. Like programming, there are many spots where something could go wrong, causing the program to not run properly. I have encountered some of these myself with the extensive use of the complicated photo editing program today. However, I will not elaborate.

3. Art is subjective, or so everyone says.

This is definitely true. All works of art painted by each individual is different. The constraints may be similar, or even identical, but every work will be different. It depends, of course, on the artist himself, on the target audience and the theme. For example, the piece we were supposed to complete had many different variations. A person can be transformed from anything to an animal, a fantasy creature, a movie star... The various possibilities is what makes Art subjective, fun and interesting. By the way, this does include things other than visual arts, such as music, theatre, television, radio etc.



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