Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 & 3 reflection: Celine Chee

3 things I learnt:
-How to be more observant in adding features
-Shadowing a picture to make it more realistic
-Layers and masking to help add more colour

I choose this project because I have an interest in art and I hoped that it would teach me more about drawing and animation

Challenges I encountered when working on this project in the last two days were actually trying to figure out the different uses of photoshop as there was so many functions and I overcame it by asking for help from the professor.

Through this project I discovered that I was possibly more better off drawing on paper, but that could also be due to my lack of experience.

As an individual, I have benefited by knowing more about drawing softwares, how to use the different functions on them and about animation.

My aspirations is to be an animator and hopefully make my own digitally animated short films that will soon become movies.

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